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K. M. G. Baughman


I am a new Author.​ I am married to a wonderful man of 29 years who is my soul mate and my rock. I am a retired Private Detective and Paralegal. I have one Daughter who is married with three beautiful children.

I began writing my story in January of 2011. I have never written anything except daily journals until then. My counseling team, parents, friends, and family bugged me for ten years to get this story written and I will be honest, I hated the idea. (Probably why it took ten years, right?)

My journey started when I agreed to be a guinea pig (or lab rat if you will). When therapy first started, it was to help me come out of a buried shell, to face some issues of marriage, and life in general. It grew to be quite complicated when at first my therapist thought was a split. When someone special came into my life, low and behold, we found there were many ​​deeper issues. My adopted parents and I were never privy to the info that brought these deeper issues to light until much later. (I.e.13 years of therapy later)

Scared? You bet your sweet bippy we were and still are and will continue to be until all have integrated, (If that happens) This journey has been anything but easy, however I have no regrets for taking it as it has helped me become a real person that tends to enjoy life as I never have before. If you need more information, I've Had Enough, third edition will be published soon. This journey you take with me, if you so desire, has many vicissitudes, and multi facets, but it instills much needed healing to be writing my story.