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Clayton Beal

Well, I didn't want to put some boring biography on the back of my book.

Nobody cares that I went to Pine Tree High or that I was born in Dallas. So I asked a good friend of mine to write a little something about me.

His name is Paul Hill, and once in a while I have to remind him that Tawana is a fictional character.

 Then I drag him off the beach and home to his wife.

Here's what he had to say about me:

A few years ago I introduced Clayton to this video I had on physics proving that matter can actually be in two places at once. This physics idea latched on to Clayton like a tick on a dog and burrowed deep inside, never surfacing again.

It is now part of Clay’s constitution.

Be careful when talking about time dilation, relativity, gravity, dark matter, black holes, and the like. You will get to hear his interpretation, and in great detail. I often wonder what it would be like inside Clayton’s brain while he is in the solitude of his carpentry work or driving down a long highway. I think it must be something like flipping through a Netflix catalog of videos, or maybe more like the summer fair that comes to the playgrounds. So many things going on. You can see this in his dancing eyes.

This is my author friend Clayton Beal. Read and enjoy as he takes you on his indoor roller coaster ride through the world of the past, present, and future and relationships with his twist on physics, romance, and fun.

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