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Welcome to Green Ivy Books

Welcome to Green Ivy Publishing & Bookstore

Green Ivy Publishing is a publishing house and bookstore that closely connects authors, publishers, and readers like never before. By offering traditional publishing house services with the autonomy of hybrid publishing, Green Ivy Publishing bridges the gap between mass book retailers and book lovers worldwide.

Too often, authors are left in the dark in the publishing process. Green Ivy combats this dated approach to literature by involving the author in every step, from the first draft to the first copy off the shelves. Green Ivy Publishing are pleased to showcase all of our authors in the Green Ivy Publishing Bookstore and help them reach new readers every day.

Writing Services

Design & Illustration

Our designers will turn your manuscript into a eye catching book that looks great on every page.

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Production & Promotion

Our marketing and promotions department can help you create a marketing plan to distribute your book.

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